Nathan Orchard Seminar and Sub Only Challenge

What a great weekend for 10th Planet Chicago. We had several visitors from all over the system coming into town to train and compete. Nathan Orchard took on Jon Tutaj who is a highly accomplished competitor and seemed to be the only one up for the submission only no time limit rules. Nathan submitted him in under 5 minutes via armbar.

NathanOrchardWeekend070 NathanOrchardWeekend061 NathanOrchardWeekend063

The entire week had some amazing training with 10th Planet extended family. We also got to check out the hilarious Bryan Callen who’s Kung Fu is that of legend, as you can see here:

Here are some more shots from the weekend + a few testimonials

Wow what a great weekend. Nathan Orchard teaching for the week showing us next level technique, followed by an amazing in depth seminar that was sure to evolve everyone’s game greatly. I cannot express enough on how much I appreciate his geometric and pattern based view of grappling. Great meeting and hanging with the esteemed Rob Bradley, a great guy can’t wait to hang again. Awesome to meet and hang with Sean Applegate and Tori Applegate they are both mad skilled and cool people, looking forward to seeing you guys again. Saturday was Submission Challenge Chicago, I didn’t manage to medal but still had an amazing time. Many teammates took their divisions and Orchard won the super fight.

It’s always so great to be at comp with 10p family… Events when 10p is in full force are always the best time. They are always so much fun and everyone in the system is so cool. It’s an honor to know and everytime I see you guys

Dan Conway


It has been a crazy week. Lots of Good times with even better people! Got to spend the first half the week with the beautiful Bonnie Stoehr and had a fantastic time! No matter what we end up doing its always a good time. Love spending what time I can with her. Then I come home to Nathan Orchard in my house! Craziness. And then Rob Bradley, Sean Applegate, and Tori Applegate all came the next day! I got to learn alot from all these killers! Not just about jujitsu, but every aspect of life. I’m super thankful to be able pick the minds and spend time with all these great people! Then competing with everyone, nothing beats going to war with the family! Thank you all for the great times, can’t wait to see you all again!

Matt Paul

Wow! What a weekend! I am writing this as I lay on the floor at my gate at the airport here in Chicago. We were supposed to fly out at 7:55am this morning, but the flight was bumped forward and we weren’t notified in time. So we had to buy two more tickets and wait 3 extra hours in the Chicago airport. Normally, this would be frustrating, but it seems nothing can bring me down after this weekend! What an experience! First of all, I have to thank the 10p chicago crew for taking such great care of me and tori. Thank you Matt Paul for the amazing hospitality. Thank you John Mejia for the laughs. Thank you deaf nate for the positivity, and thank you Josh Passini for making sure we were taken care of! I also want to thank all the others who gave us rides or made sure we had the things we needed. Thank you Javier Palomo, Michelle Velasco, Dan Conway . You guys are the reason this organization is so powerful. I also want to thank Nathan Orchard for the support and inspiration. Cant say enough positive stuff about this dude. Amazing jiu jitsu but a quality person as well. Thank you Rob Bradley for the awesome conversation and keeping me in acai all weekend lol. You’re the man! It was great seeing Adlai Cleveland and Jess Brown as well. You guys are warriors and seeing you both go out there and put it on the line is always inspirational. I also got to meet several people from the community for the first time as well. Getting to compete beside everyone was amazing. Especially my guy Kainoa Kaohi! So much heart.

This trip has made me realize that I need to travel, meet, and compete with more of our 10p family. It was such a powerful experience that has left me with so much more than I came into it with. This really is the best team in the world. I love all of you. Thank you for everything.

Sean Applegate


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