A mean 185lbs MMA Fighter and 10th Planet comp team member Matt THE MONSTER Paul just turned pro in MMA after several amateur wins on local MMA shows. He is competing with the team at Gracie Worlds in September and Fighting in the XFO on Oct 11 in Chicago.  He also teaches MMA and Kickboxing at Counter Strike MMA


Matt chose 10th Planet Chicago to compliment his wrestling and kickboxing background and is competing in multiple grappling tournaments to increase his skills for the cage.

Matt Paul is a veteran of these IL MMA Shows: Total Fight Challenge(TFC), Xtreme Fighting Organization(XFO), Fight Card Entertainment(FCE), Supreme promotions,  Volatile Athletics, and MMA Sport Federation/Team USA events.

Matt “Monster” Paul

Amateur MMA 15-1
Professional MMA 1-0

  • Nak Muay(muay thai kickboxing) 3-0
  • XFO Middleweight Champion
  • Total Fight Challenge Middleweight Champion
  • Volatile Athletics Middleweight Champion
  • Supreme Promotions Middleweight and light heavyweight Champion

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