Mastering the No Gi Crucifix With Matt “Aesopian” Kirtley

Mastering the No-Gi Crucifix Seminar
at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Chicago
Saturday, June 11th, 2016
Noon to 3pm

Open to all styles, schools and affiliations!

Matt “Aesopian” Kirtley has built a reputation as a BJJ black belt for his highly-detailed technical instruction and simple explanations of even seemingly complex concepts. Matt has spent years developing his knowledge of the crucifix position, going as far as to release Mastering the Crucifix, the most comprehensive instructional available on the topic.

This 3-hour Mastering the No-Gi Crucifix Seminar will focus on:

Crucifix entries, setups and transitions from the top or bottom.
Key concepts to control and main the various crucifix positions.
The essential no-gi crucifix submissions, including the one-handed rear naked choke.
Demystifying the rolling reverse omoplata (AKA Hedviga) so anyone can do it.
Drills and games to quickly develop skills in all the crucifix positions and submissions.
This seminar is appropriate for beginners or advanced grapplers. All students will get one-on-one attention from Matt and a chance to ask anything during a Q&A.

Pre-register: $40 – Click here to sign up (via PayPal)
At the door: $50

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Chicago
6154 W Higgins Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

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