Josh Passini is a knowledgeable, detail oriented coach with an open mind and a real passion for jiu-jitsu. A direct student of Eddie Bravo, Josh is the leading authority on the 10th Planet System in the Chicago land area. The training environment is clean and friendly, but don’t mistake kindness for weakness. These guys are Monsters on the mats! Their collection of medals and belts from throughout the Midwest and California is a testament to their hard work and dedication. While competition is encouraged, it’s certainly not required. Everyone trains for their own reasons and 10th Planet Chicago caters to them all. The schedule is incredibly flexible, with classes available on weekends and late into the evening on weekdays. The prices are not just fair, they are actually a ridiculous value for the amount of instruction available. No yearly contracts, no shady starter packages and since 10th Planet jiu-jitsu is focused on no-gi training, you don’t have to buy an expensive uniform. I would encourage anyone that can to stop on down and give it a try.

tldr: 10th Planet Chicago is a fantastic place to train! Go now!