Josh Passini – Head Instructor

Lineage of Jiu Jitsu
Carlos Gracie >Jean Jacques Machado > Eddie Bravo > Josh Passini


10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt
– USA Wrestling Coach

Josh was introduced to Mixed Martial Arts through UFC 1 by his father who was a Greco-roman wrestler with the purpose of showcasing the importance of wrestling in the world of fighting. As a huge fanatic of MMA Josh never thought he would ever compete. After many years Josh discovered that there wasn’t a viable future in wrestling and transitioned into world of mixed martial arts in 2006. Along his mixed martial arts journey Josh was introduced to the 10th Planet System. Josh quickly discovered the benefits and advantages of the 10th Planet system for mixed martial arts and Jiu-Jitsu competition. After a few years Josh reinvigorated his lifelong passion for coaching and decided to open a training facility. With a massive amount of experience and knowledge that he attained he set forward to create an ultra-positive training facility focused on continued education and hardcore competing in the suburbs of Chicago. After a few short years Josh and the Monsters decided that the facility needed to relocate to the city of Chicago. In 2013 Josh reopened the facility and became the first 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Affiliate officially in the city of Chicago.

John Mejia – Instructor

10th Planet Purple Belt under Josh Passini
Active Competitor

A former Semi Professional Hockey player, John has always knack for the physical side of things. When he stumbled upon Jiu jitsu once his hockey career had ended he discovered an art that allowed him to express himself while still requiring a level of discipline that he was familiar with. His philosophy for class is to promote a harmonious yet challenging learning environment that each student will gain experience based on the amount of effort put in. He truly believes Jiu jitsu is for everyone and can be adapted to all body types. Catch him on Fridays instructing Intermediate Jiu jitsu at 7:30 or on the mats during the week for his own training. Available for privates lessons.
Currently runs the Friday intermediate class at 7:30

Javier Palomo – Instructor

10th Planet Purple Belt under Josh Passini
Judo Black Belt
Sambo Champion
Active Competitor

Javier has had an interest in martial arts his whole life, but eventually fell in love with grappling. In addition to a background in Folkstyle Wrestling, he has been continuously training in the arts since taking his first aikido lesson in 1995. He has extensive experience in various styles of Japanese jujutsu, Catch Wrestling, Judo, Sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Javier was drawn to 10th Planet Chicago because of the exclusive focus on no gi grappling. He has been with the team since March of 2012.
Currently runs the Rdojo/Leg Lock Club at noon on Saturday

Maurice Zakhem – Instructor

10th Planet Blue Belt under Josh Passini
Active Competitor

Maurice was introduced to MMA in high school, initially being exposed to Fedor Emelianenko and PrideFC. His previous involvement in martial arts was more traditional karate and kickboxing. Maurice never thought it was a conceivable reality to be a competitor until moving to the US. After getting around actual competitors he realized his athletic gifts, forged in Rugby (national team) and basketball (city team), he could easily translate those attributes to MMA and jiu jitsu. Nothing else in his life inspired as much passion like martial arts.. Maurice wanted to join a 10th planet gym because of the open minded philosophy and it’s lack of the gi which would be more translatable to MMA. He was also looking for a gym that included wrestling as well because it was essential for MMA. Research led to discovering that Josh had a wrestling base and Maurice found a welcoming home at 10th Planet Chicago. Maurice now wants to give back to Josh and the gym as much as possible because of the endless amount they have given him every day. “I hope to fly the 10th Planet Chicago flag high as an mma and grappling competitor and spread the love and knowledge that this amazing gym bestowed upon me.”

Currently runs the kids classes

Benjamin Ear – Instructor

10th Planet Blue Belt under Josh Passini

Ben Ear started training no gi  jiu jitsu June 2013. He loves training and commits as many hours as possible to training because he find it very hard to sacrifice training time for other things. “Jiu jitsu has become a part of me and my life it makes me better. Jiu jitsu has tested me in my patience, in problem solving, my strength, and my pain tolerance.” Ben applies jiu jitsu in all aspects of his life. One of the biggest ways he uses jiu jitsu is breaking down problems. “There’s always an answer whether I know all the parts of the solution now or need to take a while to get there. And with that method I can apply to all areas and seasons of my life.” He passes these lessons on to his students in the kids class!
Currently runs the kids classes

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