Competitor Update, we got some medals

10th Planet Chicago ventured out into a few different directions this past weekend to compete in a variety of events. Our resident judo black belt/sambo ninja/catch wrestling guru/ 10th Planet Purple belt Javie, competed at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio in the sport Sambo event.

No shock here—he took gold



Also on the trip is Maurice. He is a newer member of the team that is focused on getting better and winning. He had 4 matches. He lost one on points, and took that rage into all his other matches to finish every opponent by submission to earn silver in his second ever competition.


And last but not least, the Squatch John Mejia was out in full force at the Grapple Games capturing double gold in the expert 220+ and expert absolute divisions!


He make look like a great hugger, but he will choke the shit out of you.

Congrats to all!

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